Belly Dance Events Around the World

Belly Dance Events Around the World

Belly dancing is far more celebrated than one may think, all over the globe there are events and celebrations connected with belly dancing. From Italy to Hawaii, the art of belly dancing is demonstrated in competitions and glamorous events, and in this blog, we look at some of the best.

The Hawaii Belly Dance Convention

In some ways Hawaii is the perfect place for a competition such as this to be held. Anybody who has been lucky enough to venture to Hawaii will know that the traditional Hawaiian dance is not dissimilar to belly dancing. The Hawaiian Belly Dance Convention is an annual event taking place in October each year. The prestigious event is over a decade old and draws competitors from all over the world to demonstrate their belly dancing prowess.

There are also workshops during the course of the event with teachers from Morocco, Egypt and many other places. And many competitors combine a holiday with the competition to have a complete experience. The event is held over five days and the showcase is in the famous Doris Duke theatre.

Etna Belly Dance Festival – Sicily

A much-loved belly dance competition that has been gaining popularity over the past few years. It is an annual three-day event that takes place in February and brings together professional dancers and tutors. Many people attend the festival to learn techniques from the experts, and the organizers encourage dancers at every level to participate and enjoy all the fun. The whole event is put together by Daniela Russo Hunaida and has grown to an extent that there are over thirty different workshops during the festival. As well as all the fun dancing there is a bazaar where festival goers can buy belly dance clothing and try authentic Middle Eastern and Sicilian cuisine.

Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive Festival and Holiday

This four days get together is a fun filled event where many people from the world community of belly dancing meet-up. The venue is traditionally the infamous Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas and the intensive event involves classes, workshops, a hafla and of course cocktails.

The lure of Las Vegas is a big draw to many event goers and competitors and students tend to balance play with attending the festival. There is nothing to prevent event goers tailor making their own roster and bespoke schedule. But take care you will miss out on many workshops if you do not pre-book. The Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive Festival is just that, it is really intense with over eighty hours of classes with over thirty dance tutors. Even Helena Vlahos is one of the teachers, whose Greek-American cabaret-style of dancing is world famous. These festivals bring communities together from across the world with one common aim, the love of belly dancing. They are not only significant for teaching and competition, but they allow festival goers the opportunity to converse and share stories from their own countries.

So whatever level you are or whatever style you prefer, if you are interested in belly dancing, a trip to one of the festivals could be just the ticket. To study under some of the great masters of today’s belly dancing scene.

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