Getting into Belly Dancing

Getting into Belly Dancing

Have you ever thought of doing something a little more unusual as a pastime to keep fit, most people take on some sort of sports like running? But if you feel a little more adventurous why not try belly dancing. Belly dancing can be a lot more than a physical activity to keep fit, many top belly dancers make a very good living out of belly dancing too. For some women the urge to belly dance comes early, and although the body is not quite developed until the person is more mature, it is perfectly acceptable to begin in high school. Firstly, you do need to get fit, and by this exercising the correct muscles of your body to enable you to belly dance.

The Abdominals

To be a good belly dancer you really need to isolate the abdominal muscles, the problem being is that standard abdominal exercises are not good enough for belly dancing. Sit-ups don’t properly isolate the muscles, the best way to exercise them is to stand in front of a mirror and try to roll the muscles, by this it is meant that you should practice contracting your abdominal muscles individually from top to bottom. This is a very difficult discipline to start with, if it is too hard standing up then lie face down, lean on your elbows and then try to perform the exercise.

Be Free

Belly dancing is all about expression, try not to be too self-conscious when you are practicing or dancing in public. Fill your dancing with enthusiasm and your own personality. Belly dancing is an individual art, one of expressionism, so pour your heart and soul into it. Many dancers find that belly dancing allows them to be something that normally they cannot, it is a freedom in the mind and body.

Make 8 the Date

Involve the figure eight as much as possible in your exercises and your performances. Train your hips to trace out the number, this is a great way to tone up your muscles and bring the correct shape to the waist. Start by bringing your left hip forward, then move it sideways and around the back to the centre once more, then in one fluid movement do the same with the right hip. Do not lead with the abdomen, always by the hips.

Don’t Forget the Arms

The belly is not the only beautiful movement in the dance, your arms should complete the picture you are presenting. The arms should not be flapping about out of control, the movements should look natural but be precise.

Remember to Breathe

Your dancing should look effortless, and people have a tendency to hold their breath when they are concentrating hard on something. When dancing, try to breathe as normally as possible, this may take a few weeks to learn how to belly dance and breathe at the same time.


Finally, don’t get hung up about your shape, belly dancing is not only confined to young, skinny people with a six pack. Regular dancing will develop strong abs over time but you will never get a six pack, nor should you as it would be the wrong shape entirely.

Once you have learned all the moves and trained your body then perhaps it is time you took your pastime to the next level and try to get a gig.

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