How to Become a Belly Dancer

How to Become a Belly Dancer

Belly dancing is not like any other form of dancing at all, of course the fact that it is actually dancing it has to have some association with other forms of dancing, but what is meant by the first statement is that belly dancing is a highly original form of the art of dance. True and original belly dancing is all about expression, by using traditional techniques and placing your own interpretation on them. Many women say that belly dancing allows them to feel feminine and to take pride in their bodies no matter what size they may be.

It is different to other dancing as you do not have to be exceptionally fit or have special shoes, you do not even have to have perfect balance. This highlights the uniqueness of belly dancing; the most important ingredient is that you enjoy it.

So how do you learn to start belly dancing?

Get Fit

By this we do not mean going out running marathons, but in belly dancing a unique set of muscles are needed to control specific body movements. You can practice exercises to help you at home in front of the mirror, to tone your stomach area up and to enable you to control the muscles.

Find a Good Instructor

It is imperative that you find a good tutor, there are ancient moves that have evolved in belly dancing that have been passed down from generation to generation and you have to learn them all before you add your own expressions. One-to-one lessons and group sessions are both good, engage your tutor what level you wish to try and achieve. If you are really serious about becoming a pro then you will probably need homework and be given a specific program to follow. A good tip is to watch footage of professional dancers, see their limb movements and how they express their feeling in their dancing.

Set Goals

Like any learning you should set short and long-term goals, these will give you something to aim for in the near future as part of an overall plan. A short-term goal may be to conquer a particular movement, a long term one may be to enter a competition.

Be Fiscally Prudent

There is no doubt that belly dancers always look so glamorous, with exotic costumes and beautiful jewelry. But as you are learning it is better that you spend your hard-earned money on extra lessons. Learn your trade first before adorning yourself, save your money for workshops, classes and events.

Be Responsible

Do not go off halfcocked, by this it is meant not to pose as a professional belly dancer until you and your teacher are certain you are good enough. Reputations are hard to come by, and in the small close-knit field of belly dancing your reputation could be shot before your career even starts. If you want to start to dance in front of an audience do it at a hafla or a friends party, where expectations are not high. If people know you are just starting out as a belly dancer they will not expect too much, and give you the benefit of being a learner.

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