How to run a Belly Dance Studio

How to run a Belly Dance Studio

Belly dancing is an ancient form of Middle Eastern dance, with a long rich history and enveloping deep culture from the region. But in many Western countries including the United States, belly dancing has also become a form of keeping fit. This has meant that belly dancing is more popular now than ever, and belly dance studios have been opening up in droves. If you have the correct qualifications and been thinking of opening your own belly dance studio, then we have some vital advice to impart.

Find a Studio Location

The balance in trying to find the correct location for a belly dance studio is trying to find one that is not too costly but is in a good enough location so students can easily get to. A way of reducing price may be to share an existing school or studio. Health clubs and fitness centers often have rooms available for short time rent and until your class is established this may be a great option.

Market your Studio & Classes

Once you have found the premises that are correct for your class, you need to market what exactly your belly dance class offers, and why it is different to all the others. Create an identity, be different and offer something that is out of the norm.

Social media is a great way to let people know about your classes, join groups and share photos and relevant information to boost interest. Perhaps showcase your own studio by giving a free demonstration to the whole fitness center or health club, show perspective students what they can achieve. And focus on the health aspects of your class, not all of your students will want to be another Badiaa Masabni.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

Your studio must look professional, make it a cut above the others in the area. The first most important aspect is that you have all the relevant music and a system that can deliver the sound, so that it encourages students to dance. Belly dancing is not just about the movements, so you will also need the prerequisite props. Such as finger cymbals, veils etc so the appropriate dances can have the correct accompaniment.


Be prepared to impart the correct movement and routines, you must have the skill levels to deliver all that is necessary. Add the props so that students become familiar with what they will be required to dance with and feel a part of the dance.

Create a Checklist

Draw a checklist up for what you will require and keep to your plan. You will need to make sure that all that is listed below is under control and you have the items fully covered.

  • List of fitness centers and health clubs in your area
  • Copies of written belly dancing music, and CD’s or MP3 files
  • A written teaching plans
  • Information about the class to hand out to students
  • Marketing fliers, and social media posts composed
  • All associated props and clothing

Remember, to sell your classes you have to offer something different and extra special. Make your class exciting and invigorating and this can only be done by engaging your students into full participation.

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