Online Belly Dancing Classes vs Traditional Classes

Online Belly Dancing Classes vs Traditional Classes

Belly dancing, originating in the Middle East, has been around for ages. Belly dancing is a form of dance where the abdomen and hips perform sharp, rolling movements. Belly dancing doesn’t just come naturally for all. For some, it takes a lot of practice to perfect. There’s no better way to improve your belly dancing than to take lessons, but what kind of lessons? Should you take traditional belly dance classes or online, virtual classes? Let’s take a look at which way would be the best way for you to go about learning belly dancing. Here are the benefits of both online and traditional classes.

Online Classes Are More Convenient

Convenience is a huge benefit when choosing to take online belly dancing lessons over traditional ones. The ability to take your lessons anywhere, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet access, is amazing. So, whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or vacationing in a hotel, you can still get your lessons in. Also, if you ever aren’t able to make it to traditional lessons, that’s just a class that have to miss with no way of getting that time back that you’ve probably already paid for. There’s no set time with virtual lessons, so if you have a prior engagement or an appointment to attend, that’s perfectly okay. You can simply pick up where you left off when you’re able to. Another factor that is very convenient when it comes to taking online belly dancing lessons is that you get to learn at your own pace. There isn’t going to be any other students learning with you, unless you’re in group lessons, but even so, you get to choose how fast you move on from each lesson. If you need to get a little more practice in, you’re free to stick to it and practice until you have it perfected. This is not the case with traditional lessons because your belly dance teacher is going to move on whether everyone has perfected that part of the lesson or not. With online lessons, you have the ability to pause and take your time with it because there is no rush and you’re learning at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Online Classes Offer More Privacy

There is more privacy when taking online belly dancing lessons than there is with traditional ones. Maybe you are a shy person or don’t feel comfortable practicing dance in front of a bunch of people. If that is the case, then online classes are probably better for you. This way, you get to practice and dance by yourself with no one watching or judging you. You don’t get that level of privacy when you take traditional lessons with a group of people.

You Can Meet Friends at Traditional Lessons

One benefit to taking traditional belly dancing classes is that you get to meet others who are interested in this style of dance. You get to meet new people, share your likes and dislikes, and really bond with others who share a passion for the same type of dance as yourself. Who knows, you may even develop a friendship with your classmates outside of class and start getting together for other things, such as dinners and parties. It could be a lot of fun. However, on the flip side, if meeting new people isn’t a priority for you right now then online classes may be more appealing.

Traditional Lessons Offer One-on-one’s

When taking traditional belly dancing lessons, if you need additional help or just that one-on-one approach, you more than likely can get it. This isn’t the case with online lessons because the virtual lessons are more than likely pre-recorded. So, if you’re the type of person who likes to be walked through instructions or you just want to have that intimate connection with your instructor, then traditional lessons are probably more suited for you. Your instructor may advise you to come early before class or stay later afterwards, but more than likely, they will work something out so that you can have that extra practice time with them.

So, what is the best option? You can see that there are benefits to both traditional and online lessons. However, nowadays, there’s so much that you can do online, why leave your house? I rarely leave the house for anything these days. I buy groceries online and have them delivered with Amazon, I have entertainment at my fingertips and play all of my favorite games via Skyvegas, and all of my monthly bills are paid using the convenience of online bill pay. So, for me, the answer is easily to take virtual belly dancing lessons, however, to each its own. Do what works best for you! Thankfully, we are living in the internet age where almost everything can be done virtually.

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