Record Yourself Belly Dancing – DIY Videos and Films

Record Yourself Belly Dancing – DIY Videos and Films

If you’re a belly dancer, then recording yourself might be something you’d want to do. There are a few reasons you would want to record yourself belly dancing. You might want your students to have personal teaching materials. You could be recording so that you can keep track of your dancing progress. You may be doing it to show your dances to your family or friends. If you’ve never tried filming yourself dancing or experimenting with the many ways of recording yourself, then don’t fret. Here is how to shoot a video of yourself belly dancing.

How To Pick The Location

The ideal conditions for the venue you’ll be filming your video in is that it has to have enough space as well as excellent lighting. You’ll need the area so that you’ll be able to move about the place smoothly. If you have someone else film you, then they can also freely move around with you to record your dancing from various angles. Having to find a venue for filming your dances will be a costly challenge. Renting a dance studio won’t be cheap. If you’re invested in finding a venue, then you’ll be able to rent a community centre or a leisure centre for a lower price than you would have to pay for with a dance studio.

The crucial parts of a venue are that you’ll need a squeaky clean floor, a great sound system, and excellent lighting. The place will need to have the light that makes it so that you can see what you’re doing in the video. It’ll be harder to record yourself dancing in a high-resolution video if it’s dark. It’ll worsen the resolution if you’re in a dark room dancing, especially if you’re moving around. The venue’s floor needs to be clean, especially if you’re going to do floor-work or be barefoot. It’s preferable to have a sprung floor, but it isn’t essential. The flooring must be clean and smooth, without having any bumps or anything that could make you trip. The sound system you use should be heard without difficulty and loud enough to hear in the video. You should make sure the camera is near the speakers.

The Video’s Background

The background of the video won’t be a problem if you’re filming in a dance studio. However, not everyone can record themselves in a dance studio. So if you’re recording somewhere that isn’t a dance studio, then ensure that the background isn’t messy and make sure it looks neat and pleasing. An example is if you’re in your house filming, then remove the furniture in that room and put up colourful panels so that your background is beautiful. A mirror for a background will create some trippy effects, but ensure that you can’t see the camera.

What You Should Wear

The most optimal outfit to wear is any of the best ones you have. It’s essential if you’ll be using the recordings for showing off to others. If you dance with props, then your dance will be more amazing. If you want to make your dance look light and fluid, then you should use veils. Veils can fit with many songs, so it’s an excellent idea if you’re stuck with deciding what to wear.

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